Raw Data Request

Some of the raw data and results produced by the Solar Tower Uecht may be of particular interest to private or institutional users.


The live frames of the webcams are placed (and overwritten) every 5 minutes on our webpage. Every hour a snapshot is stored for a one day period. There is no storing of any webcam data. Thus, interested users have to use the data provided on our website.

Davis weather station

The raw data of the weather station is stored every minute in a data base which may be distributed to interested users on a monthly basis. The data base starts at 2007-10-09 18:06. Monthly means and other analyses are regularly published on our website. Users interested in realtime data have to place their own data loggers and data modems at the Solar Tower. This needs a special agreement.

Boltwood Cloud sensor

The raw data of the Boltwood cloud sensor is stored every 10 minutes in a log file. This raw data file may be distributed on a monthly basis to interested users. The log file starts at 2006-07-28 11:40. From this raw data we calculate from time to time the daily amount of cloud free hours. Monthly means and other analyses are published rather irregularly on our website.

Solar images

Calibrated and oriented high resolution daily solar images in white light and Ca II K are the main scientific output of roboSOT. They act as digital documentation of the longterm solar activity. Furthermore, they serve as raw data for the offline determination of positions, classifications and areas of sunspot groups (in white light) and of areas and intensities of plages in Ca II K, which are the other main scientific output of roboSOT. The original science frames in FITS format are stored offline and may be distributed to interested users upon special request.

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